Delivering outstanding performance in a compact form factor without sacrificing the features you need most. The APX™ 6000 is the next generation of ruggedly-reliable performers that gives you the advanced features such as Mission Critical Wireless and GPS location tracking in a small, P25 Phase 2 capable radio. Whether you’re on patrol or racing to a fire, the APX 6000 puts you in greater control of your safety, response time and technology investment.

Focus on the task not the technology, with the real-world ready radio that turns mission critical into mission complete.



Cutting-Edge Features In A Compact Size

  • Innovative T-grip design gives you a secure grip and better control
  • High-contrast color display is easy to read in different lighting conditions
  • Top display is quick to read while looking down, at a glance or from an angle
  • Universal push-to-talk button with enhanced grooves is easy to find by “touch”



Excellent Audio You Can Hear Loud And Clear

  • Excellent audio ensures voice communications are intelligible, even in high noise environments • Dual sided 2 microphone noise canceling technology
  • Equipped with the latest AMBE digital voice vocoder



Future-Ready Technology To Rely On Today

  • Small P25 Phase 2 capable radio that provides twice the voice capacity
  • Backwards and forwards compatible with all Motorola mission critical radio systems
  • Supports applications like Mission Critical Wireless and GPS location tracking for greater safety

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