The ETX-5 Carrier Ethernet aggregation platform, together with the ETX-2 Carrier Ethernet demarcation device, are the main components of RAD’s Service Assured Access solution, providing SLA-based services, Ethernet business services, legacy TDM service emulation and mobile backhaul. It is ideal for carrier-to-carrierconnectivity applications complying with MEF 26, as well as for high capacity grooming of Ethernet OAM and performance monitoring sessions. This 3U modular system features high port density for space-restricted facilities.

ETX-5 features non-blocking architecture, allowing wire-speed forwarding of all packet sizes. It is designed for high availability and “Always-On” service.
Operating over various topologies (linear, daisy chain, and self-healing G.8032v2 rings), ETX-5 builds a complete color-aware access network.
ETX-5 provides CE2.0-certified Ethernet services including:

  • E-Line (EPL and EVPL) for LAN-to-LAN, VoIP and IP-VPN connectivity, as well as for storage and dedicated Internet access
  • E-LAN (EP-LAN and EVP-LAN) for multipoint Layer-2 VPN, transparent LAN services and multicast networks
  • E-Tree (EP-Tree and EVP-Tree) for combining multiple Ethernet technologies across different domains
  • E-Access for reaching the service provider’s out-of-franchise subscriber locations as part of the end-to-end service
  • 2G, 3GPP, LTE and LTE-A transport. 

ETX-5 is available as temperaturehardened or NEBS-compliant (DC only) chassis intended for street-cabinets and cellular-tower installations. These options operate at the extended temperature range of –20 to 65°C (-4 to 149°F). The temperature-hardened model requires hardened main, I/O and service cards, as well as industrially hardened SFPs and XFPs.




  • Feature-rich CE2.0-certified aggregation platform, the cornerstone of RAD’s Service Assured Access (SAA) solution
  • Ideal for carriers, wholesalers and mobile operators, building fully redundant networks with diverse topologies for delivery and monitoring of MEF-certified Ethernet and TDM-over-packet services
  • Unmatched level of resiliency with self-healing Ethernet rings and LAG, enhanced traffic management capabilities for fully color-aware networks
  • Hardware-based OAM and diagnostics for scalable and accurate traffic monitoring, quick fault detection and user-friendly troubleshooting
  • Easy service provisioning, using the Service Manager application and Performance Monitoring portal




Incorporating RAD’s SyncToP synchronization over packet and Ethernet physical layer (Sync-E), ETX-5 utilizes standard technologies to ensure accurate clock recovery and distribution, with IEEE-1588v2 grandmaster functionality and Sync-E support over all Ethernet ports.




The device can be managed via RADview, RAD’s carrier-class NMS for Windows, Unix and Linux. ETX-5 also supports a variety of access protocols, including CLI over Telnet, SNMPv3, and TFTP. Security features include SSH, SNMPv3, RADIUS and TACACS+. 

ETX-5 uses the RADview Service Manager provisioning system for creating, testing and monitoring networks.

Windows-based standalone element manager, Shelf View, displays a dynamic graphic representation of the device panel(s), providing an intuitive, user-friendly GUI for monitoring and configuration.




200 GB half duplex


Up to 12 kB


According to outer or outer+inner VLAN, P-bit, IP Precedence, DSCP, Ethertype, IP/MAC source/destination address

VLAN Editing

Inner/outer VLAN editing per VLAN and P-bit

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