MOTOTRBO DM1000 series analogue / digital two-way mobile radio

The MOTOTRBO DM1000 Series mobile radios offer the benefits of the latest technology from superior audio to greater coverage - all at an affordable price. The rugged MOTOTRBO DM1400 and DM1600 are available as analogue/digital mobile radios that offer all the benefits of the latest technology – from superior audio to greater coverage. These affordable performers are compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO features you’ll find are business-essential, for example a transmission can be interrupted to prioritise critical communications.

You can also choose the analogue-only models of the DM1400 and DM1600, and unlock the capabilities of digital when the time is right: all you will need is a simple software upgrade. And whichever model you choose, the DM1400 and DM1600 will work seamlessly with the radios you have today.

With its bright, high contrast alphanumeric screen, the DM1600 allows drivers to see important information such as caller ID at a glance. The DM1400 offers lower channel capacity and a simpler numeric display.

  DM1400 DM1600
Display 2-digit numeric 2-line black and white
Number of channels 16 160
Programmable buttons 2 4


Features and specifications

  •         Analogue and digital modes, Digital Upgrade via software purchase (analogue-only model)
  •         Voice communications
  •         Dual capacity direct mode1
  •         Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standards compliant1
  •         VHF (136…174MHz), UHF1 (403…470MHz)
  •         Channel spacing 12.5 kHz / 20 kHz / 25 kHz
  •         Transmit power 1..25W with low power model or 25…40W (UHF) / 25…45W (VHF) with high power model
  •         4 watt built-in loudspeaker for clear audio
  •         Large, textured push-to-talk button for ease of use
  •         Programmable buttons to improve ease-of-use and increase operator efficiency
  •         Multi-coloured LED indicators provide clear feedback on radio operating status
  •         Rugged front and rear accessory connectors
  •         Digital emergency via programmable button to help ensure rapid response to critical incidents
  •         Sophisticated emergency calls help ensure employee safety
  •         Quick, easy-to-use group and individual call capability
  •         PTT ID helps improve communications efficiency and system discipline
  •         Channel scanning schemes
  •         Basic privacy1
  •         VOX capability
  •         Transmit interrupt (decode-only) 1
  •         Lone Worker feature
  •         Programmable text messaging capability
  •         Voice announcement of channel change and feature activation
  •         Fixed installation (desktop configuration) available (R&TTE approved for LP models only)
  •         IP54 rated
  •         Weight 1.3 kg
  •         Operating voltage 10.8…15.6 V DC

1) Features supported in digital mode only


Connect your crews easily and efficiently

DM1400 and DM1600 mobile radios are ideal for keeping your people reliably and cost-effectively connected so they can communicate, coordinate and collaborate – whether they’re delivering packages or transporting passengers. With easy-to-use ergonomics and crisp, clear audio, now your teams can work more efficiently.

Unleash the power of your DM1400 and DM1600 mobile radios with Motorola Original® accessories. They’re the only accessories designed, built and tested with your radio to optimise its performance. (See separate accessory fact sheet for full portfolio.)


Keep them in contact and on course

A lost delivery driver uses his DM1400 mobile radio installation to call the office. The visor microphone and steering wheel-mounted push-to-talk button allow him to communicate safely while driving, and the radio’s digital noise-cancelling software filters out the road noise so he can be heard clearly. Soon he’s safely back on track.

The bus driver relies on his DM1600 to keep his passengers safe. The digital technology gives excellent coverage along the whole route, and now they’re running the MOTOTRBO Dual Capacity Direct Mode, he has no problem getting a channel. The clear, bright alphanumeric screen gives him all the information he needs, and if there’s an incident, he can use one of the programmable buttons to call for help – with one touch.


Communicate without distracting them

The DM1400 and DM1600 are designed for the everyday driver and let you connect to your mobile workforce without distracting them. So while they improve efficiency, they also enhance safety.


Integrate your devices seamlessly

Make sure your new MOTOTRBO radios are ready when you are. We can bring together the right experts and processes to help you integrate MOTOTRBO mobile radios into your business, quickly and cost-effectively. This includes coverage mapping, site integration and device programming.


Get durability that endures

The DM1400 and DM1600 are made to last. They are backed by a two-year standard warranty and a minimum one-year warranty for Motorola-branded accessories. Moreover, the design has been proven tough in Motorola’s unique and gruelling Accelerated Life Test program, in which the radio must survive a simulated 5 years of hard service before it is accepted. In addition, optional Service from the Start provides multi-year peace of mind with fast repair turnaround times, expert telephone technical support and access to the latest software releases; all backed by Motorola’s globally integrated services infrastructure, highly qualified support technicians and certified repair facilities.





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