Meie tooted

Sirvige meie toodete kataloogi


Features and Benefits

Available in 700-800 MHz, VHF, UHF Range 1 and UHF Range 2 bands

Operational multiband operation

Trunking standards supported:

  • Clear or digital encrypted ASTRO® 25 Trunked Operation
  • Capable of SmartZone®, SmartZone Omnilink, SmartNet
  • Analog MDC-1200 and Digital APCO P25 Conventional System Configurations
  • Narrow and wide bandwidth digital receiver (6.25 kHz equivalent / 12.5 kHz / 30 kHz / 25 kHz)
  • Embedded digital signalling (ASTRO & ASTRO 25)
  • User programmable voice announcement
  • Meets applicable MIL-STD-810C, D, E, F and G
  • IP67 standard (submersible 1 metre, 30 minutes)
  • Utilises Windows XP, Windows 7, and Vista Customer Programming Software (CPS)
  • Supports USB communications
  • Built in FLASHport™ support
  • Full portfolio of accessories including IMPRES batteries, chargers, wired and wireless audio accessories



Optional Features:

  • Enhanced Encryption capability
  • Programming Over Project 25
  • Man Down
  • Mission Critical Wireless4
  • Integrated GPS

Muud tooted


Compact rugged mobile radio


Easy and safe to cooperate