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MOTOBRIDGE is an easy and fast way to establish communications between disparate systems in support of day-to-day operations and emergency response. Any number of connections between disparate radio and phone systems can be activated quickly.

The MOTOBRIDGE system allows legacy systems to interoperate, facilitates phased migration of a system to new technology, enables instant communication between dispatch centers, and provides a full suite of telephony options.




More than a simple audio patch, traditional IP gateway, or pure software solution, MOTOBRIDGE is a flexible solution with capabilities that allow it to fulfill a more advanced role in an organization’s interoperability strategy. In addition to providing interoperability across disparate networks, MOTOBRIDGE provides:

  • IP dispatch functionality
  • Full-duplex conferencing
  • Direct phone access to radio networks
  • Connectivity and control for smart phones
  • Over-IP radio voting
  • Network management 




MOTOBRIDGE gateways are designed with on-board security and sophisticated audio and signal processing to meet mission critical time constraints for establishing communication paths, with optimized voice quality and intelligibility. Users experience fast PTT and reliable audio over IP, plus Quality of Service (QoS) support ensuring real-time audio gets highest priority over other types of traffic.

  •  Audio encryption processor handles more than 1000 AES-256 encryption packets per second, so encrypted audio performance is the same as clear
  • Digital signaling processor manages all of the audio vocoding/buffering/filtering, data compression, and signal processing in real time, making sure voice communications are clear with minimum delay
  • Three communication processors control and manage the three LAN segments present in each gateway; WAN between gateways, local dispatch LAN, and potential external networks
  • Data processor handles all of the radio data in/out from up to 8 radios connected per gateway, maximizing voice availability




Each dispatch application features a state-of-the-art GUI with easy to use drag-and-drop or select-and-click operation and a rich array of features and functionality. A few highlighted features are:

  • Radio-to-radio patch and radio-to-phone patch viewed in a list or graphical diagram format
  • Up to 15 active channels patched together in the same virtual group
  • Uni-Directional patch, a unique feature, enables one agency to control when communication audio flows from one-way to two-way
  • Pre-defined Drawer Plans allow users to quickly implement complex emergency communication plans