DAN Communications


Established on May 15th 1996 in Riga(Latvia)
Alex Rutman

  • Founder – Mr. Alex Rutman, experienced telecom professional and visionary leader
  • Initial focus on Wide Area Networks
  • Quickly developed into multi-technology company

Covering all Baltic countries

  • UAB DAN Communications established in 2001 to carry business in Lithuania
  • Started business in Estonia in 2005


  • 1st in Baltics: multiservice metropolitan municipality network
  • 1st in Baltics: compact SDH-rate Microwave in 2000
  • 1st in Baltics: countrywide IP Telephony in 2002
  • 1st in Baltics: deployment of Fixed WiMAX in 2005
  • Nr. 1 in Baltics: LMDS deployments (over 1000 links installed)
  • Nr. 2 in Baltics (after LRTC/Samsung): WiMAX deployments