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The TCR1000 is the smallest body-worn TETRA Covert Radio it provides fully featured TETRA radio functions to users in covert operations.This can easily be concealed in light clothing and ensures secure communications with encryption features that improve operational effectiveness in the field. The Motorola TCR1000 weighs less than 180 grams and its small, light-weight design helps officers to disguise their equipment during covert operations.




  • Part of Motorola’s highly capable and industry leading TETRA Radio portfolio
  • Secure Communication for safety and protection of information
  • TMO TETRA Class 2 / 3 Air Interface Encryption (SCK, CCK, DCK, GCK)
  • Air Interface Encryption
  • End-End Encryption
  • 1W, Class 4 Tx Power
  • Whisper mode for discrete use
  • Integrated GPS option that allows users to be located in need of assistance
  • Wide range of covert accessories to give officers flexibility in the way the radio can be worn
  • Connection to extension battery for increased operational life
  • Uses the same standard battery as cellular handsets
  • CPS-Lite facility for changing the talk groups with a TETRA PDA
  • Unique body worn double-loop antenna option increases range
  • Semi rigid antenna, adds flexibility in terms of how the radio can be worn




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TETRA Rugged Two-Way Radio