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Dimetra IP Micro


Plug and Play Installation

The solution is simple to deploy, operate, and maintain. It employs a Web-based Network Management GUI.

Low cost of ownership

The sites are linked through an Ethernet interface, potentially saving the cost of leased lines. Remote access allows system monitoring & diagnostics, this reduces maintenance cost. The unit can be wall mounted which saves precious space in equipment rooms, it also has lower power consumption and emitted heat.

Migration path

Interface to existing systems allows smoother migration for customers with analogue systems looking for advanced digital solutions.

Optional services

  • SDS (Short Data Service); Free text, Group SDS, SDS Store & Forward
  • Telephony service, Voice over IP telephone calls up to 10 simultaneous calls
  • Conventional channel gateway to interface to existing analogue systems
  • Purchasable option, GPS position from the terminals for fast decision making and user safety.

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Small, rugged and easily deployable solution


Small and easy deployable TETRA base station


Tough and extremely reliable TETRA base station


Tetra/LTE base station