SyncServer S300


The SyncServer ® S300TM is a high performance, enhanced security enterprise class GPS Network Time Server. It sets standards for security, accuracy, reliability, and redundancy in network time servers.

Unmatched High Performance with Unparalleled Flexibility and Security

The S300 has four dedicated and isolated Ethernet ports, one of which is Gigabit Ethernet - more than enough to meet the need of servicing thousands of NTP requests per second while maintaining microsecond caliber timestamp accuracy. Multiple ports provide the flexibility to adapt to different network topologies as networks grow and change. It supports a wide range of network protocols including IPv4 and IPv6, for easy management and seamless integration into your existing and future network. An optional upgrade to IEEE 1588 PTP grandmaster operations with hardware based, nanosecond accurate time stamping is available.

Enhanced Security - Secure and Easy Network Integration and Management

The S300 provides very reliable and secure network synchronization technology by combining multi-port network interfaces with multiple time reference technology and enhanced security protocols. TACACS+, RADIUS, SSL, Autokey, MD5, passwords, access control lists and more are standard for maximum security. All of the expected network management and monitoring protocols are standard in the S300.

Easy To Set Up and Maintain

SyncServers are the easiest to set up and maintain network time servers in the world. The front panel of the SyncServer S300 is designed to quickly bring the server online with a few front panel keystrokes or DHCP. To fully configure the unit, use the very intuitive web interface or the step-by-step wizards for the most common operations.

Redundancy and Time Assurance

The internal modem is standard to connect directly to legal time provided by national time authorities. An optional AM radio is available to synchronize to national time broadcasts, which can be an alternative to GPS when GPS is not viable option.

Assured Perfect Timing

The Stratum 1 level S300 derives extremely accurate time directly from the atomic clocks aboard the GPS satellite system. Reliability is further enhanced via Stratum 2 operation by retrieving time from other user-designated time servers. All SyncServers can be upgraded to an internal Rubidium atomic oscillator to keep the time server accurate if the GPS signal is lost.

Alarm Relays for Monitoring Systems

Aside from extensive software based alarms, the hardware based alarm of the S300 relays further enhance Alarming choices.

Customer Tested Time Server Design

The 5th generation Microsemi SyncServer S300 has decades of design experience behind it. Customer input is evident in every detail. From the front and rear panel design configurations to the state-of-the art web interface, the S300 is unsurpassed in reliability, accuracy, security and ease of use.

Upgrade to IEEE 1588 / PTP

All S300 SyncServers are IEEE 1588 / PTP grandmaster ready with built in hardware based, nanosecond caliber time stamping. An optional key code enables the PTP operations on the LAN2 port. Order your S300 with the PTP option or upgrade later when you are ready to deploy PTP on your network.

Bottom Line

The SyncServer S300 is your answer to bringing perfect timing and therefore the highest performance to your network - securely, reliably and easily.