MTP3000 series

The MTP3000 Series radios feature IP65, IP66 and IP67 for dust and water ingress protection, wideband support
for 350-470 MHz and 800 MHz, as well as an RFID hardware option.

The MTP3100 and MTP3150 are the entry level radios packing in all the TETRA essentials and providing an easy transition from analogue. The MTP3200 and MTP3250 add features such as Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), including BeiDou or Glonass, and secure Bluetooth for users who require a feature rich TETRA radio.

The MTP3500 and MTP3550 radios deliver fully featured radios for public safety and mission critical users with the addition of a man down sensor, vibrate alert and End-to-End Encryption (E2EE).




Simple but Powerful User Interface

To minimise staff training costs, MTP3250 leverages an instantly familiar cellular phone style user interface. It also includes a display which can supports 26,200k vivid colours and large scalable fonts. Usability is further enhanced through a customisable menu and full numeric keypad that combine to make device interaction fast and intuitive.

Unified Communications, Integrated Safety

  • Trunked and conventional operation modes
  • Full duplex PABX and PSTN interconnection
  • Personnel safety and emergency call features
  • Optional integrated GPS for personnel tracking

Data Applications

Features the industry's largest application developer program that offers customized data applications tailored to your business needs: location tracking, work order ticket management, dispatch, and telephony.

One Device for all Critical Communications

The MTP3250 radio takes advantage of all the benefits of TETRA digital technology to drive workforce productivity and safety. These include exceptional audio quality with full duplex voice services, PABX and PSTN interconnection, individual and group calls, priority and emergency calls, Short Data Services and Localisation Services. The MTP3250 also benefits from the inherent protection of TETRA digital signalling. Coupled with the Mutual Authentication feature the MTP3250 provides a secure communications platform. It goes without saying that Motorola radios are designed for reliability and support, no matter how critical the mission.

High Performance, Built to Last

  • Rugged and designed for optimum reliability in harsh conditions
  • Superior audio quality for the most demanding environments
  • Comprehensive range of accessories to provide a tailored solution
  • Optimised user interface
  • Remote programming facility for cost effective radio terminal management
  • High Audio power, matched to clarity and usability
  • High resolution colour display
  • Built to meet the challenges of firegrounds and riots as well as dusty and dirty environments.
  • IP65, IP66 and IP67 and new tough bottom and side connector
  • Maintaining contact over longer ranges, and in buildings.

Share Information
Instantly with Bluetooth Data

Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth data devices making it easy to share information real-time.



Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Band (MHz): 350-430
  • Transmitter RF Power: Class 3L (1.8W) and Class 4 (1W)
  • Receiver Static Sensitivity (dBm): -114 minimum, -116 typical
  • Receiver Dynamic Sensitivity (dBm): -105 minimum, -107 typical
  • Licensable features: GPS
  • Keypad: Full
  • Operating Temperature (°C): -30 to +60
  • Storage Temperature (°C): -40 to +85
  • Humidity: ETSI 300 019-1-7 Class 7.3E
  • Dust and Water: IP55 per IEC 60529
  • Shock, drop and vibration: ETSI 300 019-1-7 Class 5M3
  • Dimensions (mm): 124 x 53 x 33.5
  • Weight (g, typ): 273 (with standard battery and antenna)


  MTP3100 MTP3150 MTP3200 MTP3250 MTP3500 MTP3550
Keypad Simple Full Simple  Full Simple Full
IP65/66/67 + + + + + +
Location Services     + + + +
Bluetooth     + + + +
Man Down         + +
Vibrate Alert         + +
End-to-End Encryption         + +


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