PacketLogic 8720

The PacketLogic 8000 platforms set the industry benchmark for appliance-level systems that enable network operators to gain insight into how their networks are performing and take action to improve the subscriber experience.

The PL8820,PL8920, and PL8960 platforms are 2RU appliances offering a range of throughput speeds and capacities—from 30 Gbps up to 70 Gbps of network traffic throughput accessible through either 4 or 6 modular I/O slots configurable from 8 x 10GE or 16 x 1GE channels (PL8820) or 12 x 10GE or 24 x 1GE channels (PL8920, PL8960).

PacketLogic 8000 platforms can be configured to support a range of analytics and policy enforcement functions. They are ideally suited for service provider network deployments supporting high-density subscriber scenarios in a cost-effective, low-energy consumption appliance footprint. All platforms support multiple high-availability options, including configuration synchronization and clustering, for carrier-class availability.

Designed for the most demanding network deployments, PacketLogic 8000 platforms offer the performance and capacity to handle from 1 to 3 million subscribers using many different fully personalized services in a policy enforcement configuration. This enables massive growth without sacrificing service creation flexibility—removing limitations for subscriber provisioning, policy interactions, policy enforcement, charging, application identification, analytics, and congestion management that have constrained network services and profitability.