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Radionect ™ Technology developed by DAN Communications becomes part of the Amber Train project

The “Amber Train” is a cooperation project between the Baltic countries, led by AS Operail. Among cooperation partners are Estonian Railways, Latvian and Lithuanian rail freight transport companies LDZ Cargo and LTG Cargo, loading terminals HHLA TK Estonia in Muuga and Kaunas Intermodal Terminal in Lihtuania. The train is planned to run 2 times per week with a delivery time under 24 hours. 

DAN Communications is excited to announce that its in-house developed technology Radionect ™ became a part of the project as trains of AS Operail are equipped with RUN100A devices built on Radionect™ platform.


Full news article here.

More information about Radionect here


About DAN Communications

DAN Communications delivers state-of-the-art solutions and projects in the areas of mission critical communications, information security and defense integration with offices in Riga, Latvia, in Vilnius, Lithuania and in Tallinn, Estonia. Many government or business organizations rely on the systems and solutions delivered by DAN Communications. Presently, DAN Communications is proud to partner with plenty of world leading vendors, Motorola Solutions, Thales and Fortinet are amongst them. Further information about DAN Communications is available at


About Operail

AS Operail is an international group of railway logistics companies based in Estonia, whose main areas of business are freight transport, rolling stock rental, and construction and maintenance. Operail employs nearly  600 people, handles over 10 million tons of freight transport volume a years and leases over 2500 railways wagons. Further information about Operail is available at

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