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Designed to ensure optimal-quality audio, reliable communication and ease of use for dispatchers, the MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console operator positions connect directly to the ASTRO 25 system for communication with both trunked and conventional radios, and for all other dispatch activity.

Integration of the MCC 7500 Console positions with the ASTRO 25 system enables full participation in end-to-end voice encryption for secure communication, priority handling of emergency calls and agency partitioning. Each console is centrally configured and managed from the network manager, providing vital efficiency.




Integration with radio system’s IP network
Recorders reside on the radio IP network and participate in the radio’s security groups, fault management and network security.

Radio audio, data and event call logging
Provides logging of conventional and trunked radio audio, associated radio call information and radio system events.

Fully digital
Audio is recorded in its native vocoded format eliminating audio degradation associated with format conversions. During replay, audio is converted to analog and has the same audio quality level as the MCC 7500 dispatch console.

True end-to-end encryption
Radio voice messages remain encrypted the entire time they are transported between the dispatch console and the two-way radio, providing a higher degree of security.

Agency partitioning
Allows agency level control and access to playback (e.g. Police, Fire, and Public Works).

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Flexible, affordable and reliable system communication